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Woodio Pro supports architects, interior design professionals, contractors and builders. We work closely with the industry leaders in design projects for both private and commercial interiors. We also offer customized solutions for larger scale projects.

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The world's first 100% waterproof solid wood composite made from real wood chips - with a minimal carbon footprint. Our washbasin's Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 80% smaller when compared to a similar sized ceramic basin.


Our solid wood composite products are lightweight compared to traditional bathroom products. This helps us reduce emissions also in logistics.


Woodio solid wood composite material is far more impact resistant than most bathroom materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use.


Easy to keep clean. If necessary, clean your Woodio washbasin with a dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap.

Woodio Pro

Custom product development

Woodio material has endless application possibilities, and it can be utilized the same way as any other material designed for bathrooms. We have the capacity to make customized solutions to fit our customers' needs either within Woodio's standard collection or as a custom product development project. On custom product development projects Woodio works in collaboration with Pentagon Design.

Woodio Custom Product Development fat Hotel Valo

material samples

Woodio washbasins are available in 10 different northern nature inspired colours. See all our colour samples here.


Here are some of the unique and inspiring private and commercial interiors we’ve had the privilege to be included in.

3D files

Download 3D product files to help you with your design project. Suitable for both private and commercial interiors.


Woodio products are easy to install. All our products comply with EU sanitary appliances standard (EN14688).

Woodio Pro

Meet our team

Jenna Tikkanen

Sales director

Woodio Global Project Sales

+358 (0)50 336 7357

Jukka Levomäki

project sales manager

Woodio Project Sales in Germany

+49 157 3481 7321

our lifecycle

Every step counts.

Sustainable choices throughout the whole production process - from the material itself to manufacturing, long-term use and disposal. We want to combine the advantages of commonly known bathroom materials, while offering a solution to their issues.


Our patent pending wood material technology is an innovative combination of wood and resin based adhesives. Approximately 80% of the product content is locally sourced wood.


Our products are manufactured in Finland at Woodio’s own factory with a close to carbon neutral manufacturing process. Our patent pending cast moulding technology does not require high amounts of water and energy, or high-temperature ovens to make the final product. This is why carbon footprint is a lot lower than bathroom materials traditionally have. The CO2 emissions per unit are about 80% less when with a similar sized ceramic basin.

Long-term use

Woodio material is far more impact resistant than many other bathoom materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use. It is maintenance free and the expected life time is the same as with any traditional bathroom materials – or even longer.


Woodio products serve as a CO2 storage, and they can be burned as energy when they have come to the end of their lifecycle. No landfill waste.

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Our products are made at the Woodio Factory in Finland.
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