Made in Finland

Sustainable manufacturing

We are a Finnish modern-minded company. We offer contemporary, lasting design manufactured sustainably. Every step counts when it comes reducing the carbon footprint. This basic principle of ours extends throughout our whole production chain – from the sourcing of our raw materials to manufacturing, long-term use, and disposal.


Material of a new era

The bio-material innovation we developed, 100% waterproof Woodio material, is a combination of wood chips and resin-based binders. In everyday use, the Woodio material works the same way as traditional ceramics. The significant difference is the almost carbon-neutral production method of the material, which as an environmentally friendly alternative significantly reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions. The material is completely waterproof, impact resistant and environmentally friendly. It also acts as a carbon sink during its service life. Woodio material can be utilized as energy waste when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

Our material is suitable for numerous applications and in the future our operations will not be limited to bathroom furniture only, as we are constantly developing new applications.

Sustainable production

Every step counts

All our products are manufactured sustainably at our own factory in Helsinki, respecting the environment. We have been able to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our products by utilizing mainly renewable raw materials – locally sourced aspen and birch from the Finnish forest industry side-streams. The production technology we have developed also plays a big role – it does not require energy-consuming steps, unlike, for example, the ceramics combustion process. The carbon footprint of a Woodio basin is 80% smaller when to a similar sized compared to ceramic basins. In addition, the lightness of our material reduces emissions in logistics.

Made in Finland

We stand for Finnish work, design and craftsmanship

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded all Woodio products the Key Flag symbol in recognition of products made in Finland. We have also been awarded the Design from Finland mark that is awarded to companies that have contributed to Finnish design. We carry these with pride, as a symbol of Finnish work, design and craftsmanship

Our mission

We are here to make a difference

Our mission is to significantly reduce CO2 emissions on Earth, which is why reducing the climate impact of our production is a very essential part of our operations. We believe that through our own actions, we can bring change in the building material choices people make and provide a viable, responsibly manufactured alternative to the bathroom industry.


Made from real wood chips with a minimal carbon footprint.


Woodio® material is durable and impact resistant.


We give our products a 5 year warranty, so that you can shop at ease.

global shipping

Yes, we deliver worldwide! Check our fixed delivery rates here.

Our story

Our story began with a crazy-sounding idea with a bunch of people who wanted to see the world differently. 

Design of a new era

We combine the best Nordic design traditions with the use of sustainable biomaterial innovation in a contemporary way.

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Our collection includes a comprehensive range of bathroom design in 10 beautiful northern nature inspired tones. 

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Magda & Alexander

Magda Marnell’s, 41, country home is a log house from the 18th century, located in a centuries old village in the middle of the woods of the eastern Uppland, Sweden. The house once belonged to the iron smiths of an old iron factory from the 17th century that still surrounds the house.

Welcome to the world of Woodio x Oras

Imagine yourself waking up and taking a slow weekend morning bath in this harmonious bathroom. The wooden bathtub feels warm to the touch and the hot water flows in at a perfectly soothing temperature.

Pentti Malaska Futures Award to Woodio Oy

The Pentti Malaska Futures Award is given to a research-based and groundbreaking visionary innovation that can help with building a more sustainable global future. The University of Turku has granted the €30,000 Pentti Malaska Futures Award to Finnish company Woodio Oy.


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Our story began with a crazy-sounding idea with a bunch of people who wanted to see the world differently.

We offer contemporary, lasting design manufactured sustainably.

Nordic design traditions with the use of sustainable biomaterial innovation in a contemporary way.

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