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Yes, it’s wood! Our wood material technology is the world’s first 100% waterproof wood composite that consists of real wood chips.

The Woodio material is an innovative combination of wood and resin based adhesives. Approximately 80% of the material is solid wood. 

Yes! Woodio is forerunner as a designer for ecologically produced designer products. At Woodio we put a strong focus on making sustainable choices throughout the whole production process – from the material itself to manufacturing and disposal. Woodio products have a significantly lower carbon footprint, throughout the whole product lifecycle, than similar traditional ceramic bathroom fixtures. In fact, 55kg lower per unit. * Our products are disposable as energy waste – meaning that our products can be burned as energy at the end of their lifecycle. 

*  Source: A. Nurmio / Aalto University

Yes, 100%. The Woodio material and all Woodio products are 100% waterproof cast moldable wood material. In addition, the Woodio material is far more impact resistant than ceramic materials , making it practically unbreakable in normal use. 

Woodio washbasins are maintenance free and their expected life time is the same as with any traditional bathroom materials – or even longer.

If necessary, clean your Woodio washbasin with a dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap. Do not use wool, hard or sharp tools which can stratch the surface of the sink.

Yes! Our current collections include 16 different wooden washbasins that are suitable for both private and public spaces.

Currently we offer the option to choose between the small and large wood chip on the Natural colour option. Other colour options are only available with the large wood chip. You can choose a matt or a gloss finish on any of the products.

The colour in the final product may vary slightly, because  wood is a natural material. And natural is good, right!


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