Woodio launch in Sweden

Woodio is revolutionizing the bathroom industry with wood chips - now it is being launched in Sweden.

Woodio now available in Sweden

Press release for immediate release.

Finnish award-winning eco-design brand Woodio is on a mission to change the game of the bathroom industry by offering a new alternative material to traditional ceramics and minimizing the environmental impact and COemissions associated with the global ceramics industry. Now Woodio is now taking active steps to offer their product to the very conscious Swedish market and also globally.

The ceramic and cement industry is among the most polluting industries globally. The industry has a massive environmental footprint beyond COemissions – emissions to air and water, high energy consumption and waste.

To fight climate change, Woodio has developed a revolutionary 100% waterproof solid wood material that serves as a COstorage and is considerably more sustainable to produce than ceramic materials. COemissions per Woodio unit are 55 kg less compared to ceramics, and they are disposable as energy waste at the end of their lifecycle. Hence the Woodio sanitaryware products have significantly lower carbon footprint.

The design company’s product portfolio has two collections, Soft & Cube, with 16 different designs for washbasins and a recently launched wooden bathtub. Woodio also has the capacity to design and manufacture customized solutions for larger projects such as hotels, cruise ships and other commercial spaces either within Woodio’s standard collections or as a custom product development project in collaboration with Finnish product design agency Pentagon Design.

Woodio has received two prestigious design awards, Design Plus in Germany and Design Deed of the Year in Finland, praising the products’ originality, responsibility and design as part of everyday life.

“As a brand we want to help people make sustainable choices by showing that sustainability does not mean a compromise in performance, functionality or design.” says Petro Lahtinen, CEO of Woodio.

The company, established in 2016, has been growing rapidly over the past year in Finland. Partnering up with Finnish forest industry group Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring had a significant impact, as well as € 5 million euro in new funding and opening its’ own design lab and production facility in Helsinki, Finland. Before the company’s products were manufactured with subcontractors in Finland.

“The Woodio factory is an important milestone in our strategy to become world’s leading eco-design brand. Our own manufacturing enables scaling up to meet the global demand in the long run, and to further develop our material and production technology.” Petro Lahtinen, CEO of Woodio, continues.

In 2019 Woodio entered the global market by assigning first partners in Sweden, Germany, Australia and Japan. Now Woodio is taking more significant steps in the Swedish market through established project sales and a growing network of wholesale partners. Woodio products already available in Sweden through Langenfeld AB.

Meet Woodio at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 4-8 February 2020, stand AG:73.

For more information, please contact
Petro Lahtinen, CEO & Founder, Woodio, tel. +358 50 581 1033
Mervi Laakso, Brand Manager, Woodio, tel. +358 50 410 9598

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photos from woodio launch in sweden

Woodio press launch in Stockholm
Woodio ceo, Petro Lahtinen at Woodio press launch in Stockholm
Woodio launch press event in Stockholm in January
The table is set
Woodio press launch, Sweden
Woodio press launch, Stockholm
woodio soft60 table top
Woodio press event in Stockholm

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