Woodio enters contract manufacturing business with the launch of Biowaste Box by Finnish design brand Niimaar

Woodio is a Finnish award-winning design company built around it’s unique 100% waterproof solid wood composite material innovation. After a successful start with own bathroom design products, Woodio material is now available for other brand owners through newly launched contract manufacturing business model.

“From the day we launched our first product in 2017, other brands and customers have approached us with many different application ideas for the Woodio® material. Over past years, this silent demand has only grown louder. I am so happy that we can finally offer our material commercially for other brands as well. We feel that everyone has the right to use the Woodio® material to create more sustainable and contemporary products.” says Petro Lahtinen, the Founder and CEO of Woodio.

Woodio has been preparing its OEM and licensing capabilities over the past years by developing tooling and manufacturing technology as well as strengthening IPR. The company’s newly created affordable and flexible tooling enables manufacturing for a wide range of products. Until today, Woodio® material has been considered mainly a replacement material for ceramics. Sub-contract manufacturing and new production techniques enables competition with wider range of materials in future – e.g., plastic, composites, and clay to name a few.

Finnish Niimaar is the first brand owner customer to use Woodio® material in their product. Niimaar shares same values as Woodio in terms of being a design and sustainability-oriented brand owner. Also using wood in their products is important both for Woodio and Niimaar.

Niimaar’s Biowaste Box, made from Woodio® material, is a tabletop biowaste bin intended for short term collection and handling of biowaste e.g., in the dinner table or while cooking. The Biowaste Box is designed by an award-winning Spanish designer Andreu Carulla. From the beginning it was clear that the material used should be waterproof, yet sustainable and preferably be made from wood. These requirements lead the design process to Woodio. “Woodio was a perfect match for us. In fact, it was the only alternative since there are no other cast moldable and waterproof wood materials on the market.”, says Enni Karikoski, CEO of Niimaar.

“It has been a really interesting process to develop our state-of-the-art tooling methods to fit into the OEM production. We have learned a lot and stretched the limits of the Woodio® material technology to completely new areas. We are excited about the co-operation with Niimaar and are now eagerly waiting for the next inspiring projects with other brands.” says Reijo Rautakoski, tooling master at Woodio.

Woodio’s promise is to bring joy and good conscience with timeless designs and nature-friendly manufacturing. Woodio’s vision is to become the world’s leading eco-design and material technology brand.

Additional information, please contact:
Petro Lahtinen, CEO / Woodio
+358 (0)50 5811 033

Mervi Laakso-Leppänen, Brand Manager / Woodio
+358 (0)50 410 9598

Biowaste Box available at www.niimaar.com
135H x 280L x 130W mm
Price 99 €

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