Flow freestanding bathtub


Woodio Flow freestanding bathtub has a softly modern oval form. The wooden tub has a stainless steel base with semi-glossy black powder coating and adjustable legs. The great thing about this bathtub is that it does not require any fittings or major rework in the bathroom. It’s a “plug-and-play” once the proper plumbing is in place. All you need is your favourite bath salts and you’re good to go! The bathtub can be easily combined with our Soft and Cube collection designs, and it is suitable for private homes and commercial interiors. Available in small and large wood grain with a matt or gloss finishing. Woodio material is the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite made from real wood chips.

Dimensionsions 63 x 160 x 70 cm
Empty weight 80 kg
Capacity 257 litres

EN 14688 – CL 10

As wood is a natural material, please note that the colour in the final product may vary slightly.

Please contact our customer service to purchase

Due to the heavy weight of the product, please contact our customer service for a shipping charges quote. The quote is calculated based on your location.


Easy installation. The package contains installation instructions. Drain valve and a plug are supplied with the bathtub. Please note that the installation requires a separate drainpipe depending on the site and it is not included in the package. 


Maintenance-free. If necessary, clean your Woodio bathtub with a dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap.


All Woodio products are disposable as energy waste at the end of their lifecycle.


Do you have a question in mind? See the most frequently questions and answers here.

made to order

Our products are specially made for you.


Manufactured with a minimal carbon footprint.


We give all our products a 5 year warranty, so that you can shop at ease.

Natural / Aspen 2mm
A harmonious tone of natural aspen. Core material undyed locally sourced aspen.

Natural / Aspen 5mm
A harmonious tone of natural aspen. Core material undyed locally sourced aspen.

Natural / Birch 6mm
A soothing earthy tone of natural birch with a beautifully organic texture. Core material sourced from Finnish forest industry sidestreams.

Clay / Aspen 5mm
A warm earthy tone of brown infused with amber. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Berry / Aspen 5mm
An elegant burgundy tone of purple with a touch of pink. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Root / Aspen 5mm
A rich tone of dark brown. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Stone / Aspen 5mm
A sophisticated shade of grey with blue and silver undertones. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Char / Aspen 5mm
A bold charcoal tone of black with a hint of smokey blue. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Moss / Aspen 5mm
A vibrant shade of moss green. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Arctic / Aspen 5mm
A deep tone of arctic blue with touch of teal. Core material stained locally sourced aspen.

Find your closest retailer

Don’t want to shop online? No worries, we have an extensive network of retailers who are happy to help you with your sustainable bathroom goals. Find your closest Woodio retailers and distributors in Finland and abroad,  and start reimagining your bathroom!

a sustainable choice

Every step counts.

Material Innovation

Our mission as a company is to fight climate change with sustainable design and material technology. That's why we've developed the world's first 100% waterproof solid wood composite made from real wood chips - with a minimal CO2 footprint. Our material is an innovative combination of solid wood and resin based adhesives. Approximately 80% of the material is solid wood.


Our products are manufactured in Finland at Woodio’s own factory with close to carbon neutral manufacturing process. Our product moulding technology does not require high amounts of water and energy, or high-temperature ovens to make the final product. This is one of the reasons why our carbon footprint is a lot lower than bathroom materials traditionally have. Woodio washbasin GWP value is 80% less when compared to a similar sized ceramic basin.

The low weight of the final product and durability also reduce emissions and losses in logistics

Long-term use

Our material is far more impact resistant than many other bathoom materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use. It is maintenance free and the expected life time is the same as with any traditional bathroom materials – or even longer.


Our solid wood composite material serves as a CO2 storage, and all products can be burned as energy waste. This means that no landfill waste is generated at the end of the product’s lifecycle. ​

Woodio Freestanding Bathtub
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