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A sustainable choice.

The bathroom industry is amongst the most polluting industries in the world, so we figured, it is time the world changes the way we think about bathrooms.  We developed the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite made from real wood chips. A material that has similar qualities to traditional bathroom materials but is mainly bio-based, serves as a CO2 storage and has a very minimal carbon footprint when it is being manufactured. The wood content in our products is 80% – the rest is resin based adhesives.

 Our role as an eco-design company is to raise discussion around topics that have an impact on the well-being of our Earth. And as a brand we are committed to making sustainable choices throughout the whole production process – from the material itself to manufacturing, long-term use and disposal.


Woodio washbasin collection includes 17 different washbasin designs ranging from classic table top and recessed washbasins to functional wall hung and integrated models.


Woodio Flow freestanding bathtub is true bathroom centerpiece and it is sure to create some relaxing spa vibes at home. The design pairs beautifully with our washbasin models.


Woodio accessories are designed as the perfect sidekick for a Woodio basin to complete the look in your bathroom. But worry not, you can use them creatively all around the house. 


The world's first 100% waterproof solid wood composite with a minimal carbon footprint. Our washbasin's carbon footprint is 80% smaller compared to a similar sized ceramic basin.


Woodio® solid wood composite products are lightweight compared to traditional bathroom products. This helps us reduce emissions also in logistics.


Woodio® material is far more impact resistant than most bathroom materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use.


Easy to keep clean. If necessary, clean your Woodio washbasin with a dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap.


Core Colours

Woodio Core is a curated colour collection of our full bathroom range in three beautiful northern nature inspired tones – Natural, Polar and Char.


Northern Elements

Woodio Northern Elements is a premium colour collection of our product selection in rich and elegant northern nature inspired tones.

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