New Natural

yes, it's wood. and it's now birch.

Yes, it's wood.

Introducing New Natural

Woodio Natural Birch gives a new life to wood chips originating from Finnish Metsä Board Joutseno mill’s side-streams. Before being used as the main raw material for a Woodio washbasin, the wood chips go through a screening process where some possible impurities and inconsistencies are extracted. But the shape and form of the chips stay untouched – and this is where the beauty of the material lies.

The color of the new Natural Birch material is a lovely and earthy light brown, and the texture beautifully serendipitous as the chips have travelled through the mill’s various stages. The new Natural Birch material  is first available for  two best-selling Woodio washbasin models Soft40 table top and Soft60 table top.


The world's first 100% waterproof solid wood composite with a minimal carbon footprint. Our washbasin's GWP is 80% smaller when compared to a similar sized ceramic basin.


Our solid wood composite products are lightweight compared to traditional bathroom products. This helps us reduce emissions also in logistics.


Woodio solid wood composite material is far more impact resistant than most bathroom materials, making it practically unbreakable in normal use.

Maintenance free

Woodio washbasins are maintenance free and easy to keep clean. When necessary, just use a dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap for cleaning.

Designed and manufactured in Finland

In Finland the old wood industry meets research and innovation. Woodio is built on this heritage and constant curiosity of doing more with what we already have. Woodio products are designed and manufactured in Finland at our own factory in Helsinki with close to carbon neutral manufacturing process. 

our lifecycle

Every step counts.

Sustainable choices throughout the whole production process – from the material itself to manufacturing, long-term use and disposal. We are constantly exploring and developing our material. Our development efforts focus on biobased and recycled raw materials. In order to make a change, we are now faced with the challenge to research and reinvent materials and also investigate how we can reuse them several times over, while making them long lasting and creating minimal waste.


Woodio Showroom
Kaikukatu 2C (Second floor)
FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 50 478 2944

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Our products are made at the Woodio Factory in Finland.
Address: Hankasuontie 8, FI-00390 Helsinki, Finland

Woodio Oy / Business ID (VAT)  FI27121523

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