A year to remember!

The past year has been a true Woodio year to remember! Setting up our own production in Konala, Helsinki, has been the biggest effort in the company’s history.  

photo by kari salonen

“The Woodio factory is an important milestone in our strategy to become world’s leading eco-design brand. Our own manufacturing enables scaling up to meet the global demand in the long run, and to further develop our material and production technology.” 

petro lahtinen


The factory also provides the ability to design and manufacture customized solutions for larger projects such as hotels, cruise ships and other commercial spaces either within Woodio’s standard collection or as a custom product development project in collaboration with Pentagon Design. For example, Woodio has recently delivered more than 400 customized washbasins to the new Valo Hotel in Helsinki.In the future Woodio Project Sales team is able to supportdesign professionals, contractors and builders on design projects through newly launched Woodio Pro.

An additional boost to the Woodio factory was given by a EUR 4 million funding round that took place in August 2019. On this round, Metsä Group’s venture capital arm  Metsä Spring Ltd joined the company with an equity investment together with our previous investors Ardent Venture BV of the Netherlands, Finow Oy, NextStone Oy and Valve Ventures Oy. We have been very pleased to have Metsä Group as a partner to expand our industrial expertise.

In 2019 we have taken first steps in internationalisation by assigning first Woodio partners in Sweden, Germany, Australia and Japan. We have also expanded our existing network Finland by signing two significant distribution partnerships with Topi Keittiöt and Helatukku.

Key highlights 2019 

Woodio factory in Helsinki
wood chips in mystic black
woodio - design deed of the year

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